Call for Participation

Previous workshops and papers have examined how individual users adopt and adapt technologies to meet their own local needs, “completing design through use.” However, there has been little systematic study of how groups of people engage collaboratively in these activities. This workshop opens a discussion for these under-studied forms of collaborative appropriation, using a broad range of perspectives including empirical data, design explorations, research, and critique.

We invite submissions addressing these and other topics in collaborative appropriation:

  • What can we learn from practical experiences to design for collaborative appropriation?
  • In what way does flexible, open design and tailorability support collaborative appropriation?
  • What are new ways, goals, guidelines, or principles for designing for collaborative appropriation?
  • What are major drivers to design for collaborative appropriation?
  • What roles emerge in or due to new forms of collaborative appropriation practices?
  • What characterizes or differentiates collaborative appropriation between couples, teams, groups, or communities?
  • What are the theories and methods for studying collaborative appropriation?
  • What can we learn from other emergent design movements and research domains (e.g., hacker spaces) to better understand how to design for collaborative appropriation?