Workshop Goals

In this workshop, we hope to work with participants to survey recent research focusing on collaborative appropriation, preferably analyzed in a broader or multi-domain context beyond individual use. We invite position papers that address (one or more) of the following topics:

  • Practical experiences in design for collaborative appropriation
  • Flexible, open design and tailorability as support for collaborative appropriation
  • Design goals, guidelines, and principles for collaborative appropriation
  • Major drivers to design for collaborative appropriation
  • Emergent roles (actors) in collaborative appropriation practices
  • Characterization and differentiation of collaborative appropriation between couples, teams, groups, and communities
  • Theories and methods to study collaborative appropriation
  • Lessons learned from other design movements and research domains to inform the design for collaborative appropriation

Our goals for this workshop are to build and cross-fertilize, from experimental design examples and theories concentrating on collaborative appropriation, how these users appropriate technologies; and from this point, which approaches may be taken for designing for collaborative appropriation. Through roundtable discussions we are systematically aiming to share the knowledge among the participants of possible collaborative appropriation outcomes. We will discuss how we (as designers and as researchers) can better understand and design for collaborative appropriation and how this appropriation can be affected by certain design choices.