Alina Krischkowsky
Center for HCI, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg
She is currently researching on the use of social roles as analytical tool and theoretical perspective to investigate, understand, and conceptualize social context aspects in general but particularly collaborative processes. Thereby she has been engaged and researched in various contexts, such as assisted living, corporate social media, factories, and automotive.

Manfred Tscheligi
Center for HCI, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg  & Business Unit Technology Experience,
AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
He is a Professor for HCI & Usability at the University of Salzburg, directing the Center for HCI. He was involved in a range of conference activities (e.g., co-chairing CHI2004, ACE 2007, AUI 2011 and future conferences as Persuasive 2016 and HRI 2017) and co-organized several workshops and SIGs (e.g., CHI, MobileHCI, CSCW, Interact, AutomotiveUI).

Katja Neureiter
Center for HCI, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg
She has done her master degree in Sociology and focuses her PhD on the interrelationship between Social Presence and Social Capital (e.g., how to foster social connectedness through Social Presence via ICTs, i.e. video mediated communication systems). Moreover, she is engaged in various projects in the area of Active and Assisted Living.

Michael Muller
IBM Research
His research has included studying how employees appropriate enterprise software. He has co-organized several workshops at CHI and CSCW, and has chaired subcommittees for the CHI and DIS conferences, and co-chaired the 2012 HCIC program on social media.

Anna Maria Polli
Human Centered Computing Department, University of Applied Science Upper Austria
Her research interests focus on interaction design, implicit and explicit interaction, collaborative writing processes, and on the appropriation of technology. Her PhD work focuses on in-situ and ex-situ appropriation. She has been engaged in various projects to study the influences of the user’s appropriation.

Nervo Verdezoto
Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University
His work combines fieldwork with user-centered and participatory design methods to further understand people’s everyday practices, different stakeholder’s needs, and how people appropriate technology. In particular, he has been working in various projects related to healthcare, physical computing, and sustainability HCI.