This one-day workshop seeks to reflect on the notion of fabrication in both personal and industrial contexts. Although these contexts are very distinct in their economical and political vision, they share important characteristics (e.g., users interacting with specific fabrication equipment and tools). The workshop topic spans from personal fabrication to (automated) production, from applied to theoretical considerations, from user requirements to design as a crafting practice.

We will address changes in production that affect humans, e.g., from mass production to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) production, in order to discuss findings and lessons learned for individual and collective production workplaces of the future. We aim to explore the intersections between different dimensions and processes of production ranging all the way from hobbyist to professional making. Furthermore, the workshop will critically reflect on current developments and their consequences on personal, societal, and economical levels including questions of the reorganization of work and labor, innovation cultures, and politics of participation.

We invite scholars and practitioners, who have experience with and interest in the workshop topic, to submit a position paper (up to 4 pages in the ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstract format), or a video contribution (max. 5 minutes). Furthermore, we would like you to consider what artifacts characterize your work in the field of industrial and/or personal fabrication, which you can bring along to the workshop. For instance, you could bring an object resulting from a maker, hacker, or DIY project, factory-made goods, etc.

Contributions on one or more of the following topics (or related to them) are encouraged:

  • Current trends, visions, and promises of industrial and/or personal fabrication (e.g., IoT, democratized production, human empowerment) and their consequences for technology, society, individuals, economy, etc.
  • Human perspectives in fabrication, especially in terms of changing conditions, e.g., the social order of fabrication, distribution of power, changing roles and requirements, politics of labor, reorganization of work, etc.
  • Intersections or (irreconcilable?) differences between personal and industrial fabrication
  • Critical perspectives on visions of empowerment and democratization of personal and/or industrial fabrication
  • Proposals for how to achieve and sustain the potentials of personal and/or industrial fabrication
  • A hacker or maker project that speaks to the workshop theme, e.g. critical making, DIY fabrication, etc.

Different facets of fabrication…

Industrial Production Facility


Manufacturing at Seeed Studio (Lindtner Fieldwork 2014)


Prototyping at NYCResistor (Lindtner Fieldwork 2013)


Swarm Robot XinCheJian (Lindtner Fieldwork 2014)