Position Papers

Barricelli, B.R., and Valtolina, S.
Interaction Design for Stratigraphic Analysis in Archaeology

Bowen, J., Hinze, A., and Cunningham, S.J.
Into The Woods

Buchner, R., Fuchsberger, V., Weiss, A., and Tscheligi, M.
Designing for the Factory: UX Prototyping for the Cleanroom

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Experience Design and Positive Design as an alternative to classical human factors approaches

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Challenges for Action Research on HWID in Activity Based Workplaces

Clemmensen, T.
The form of HWID theory

[canceled] Gonçalves, F., Campos, P., and Garg, A.
Understanding UI Design for Creative Writing: A Pilot Evaluation

Regal, G., Lehner, U., Gattol, V., Bobeth, J., and Tscheligi, M.
Pen and Display: A Multimodal Interaction Approach for Older Office Employees

Vandenberghe, B., and Geerts, D.
Out in the cold, the loneliness of working with doctors and patients